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A Slight Detour [OPEN]

Characters: Oswald, Django, Moro
Time Period: Prehistoric
Location: Mystic Mountain
Time of Day: Morning
Content: Django finds out he didn't make the jump alone. Oswald finds out how much optimism he can take before his head explodes.
Warnings: Sour moods and bruised egos, possible violence. Other then that, nothing else.

Change of plansCollapse )


Aug. 15th, 2009

Characters: Cyrus and whoever else is in Dorino
Time period: Middle Ages
Location: Dorino
Time of day: Around noon
Content: Uh...we do timey stuff in the middle ages?
Warnings: So far, one very wet and slightly POed divine wannabe. Yes that is a warning.

When the blood has flowed against the tides of time/and the water flows foreverCollapse )

The weather is still nice! [OPEN]

Characters: Django, Gwendolyn, Prier
Time Period: Middle Ages
Location: Denadoro Mountains
Time of Day: Late morning
Content: Gwendolyn runs into Django and Prier, fresh from their stay in the void
Warnings: None yet

Gwendolyn tempts fateCollapse )

Wild Moro has appeared...!

Characters: Moro, Cyrus
Time Period: Prehistoric
Location: The forest, near the outskirts of the town.
Time of Day: Around noon
Content: A meeting between Cyrus, returning from the void, and Moro, who has not yet encountered a human.
Warnings: Possible violence, likely some cross words

Moro used Growl!Collapse )


Characters: Jupiter and, if possible, the other characters who haven't disappeared!
Time period: Middle Ages
Location: Dorino's town square
Time of day: Morning
Content: Can anybody help this wretch? Look, she doesn't even have enough clothes to cover her thigh!
Warnings: For the moment, just a very frustrated woman.

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A whole lot o' nothin' [closed]

Characters: Cyrus, Django, Prier
Time period: None
Location: Mysterious Void
Time of day: None
Content: You are in a formless void. There is nothing else around you save your castmates. Select an action.
Warnings: No doubt epic freakouts.

Invalid selection. You are in a formless void. There is--Collapse )


Questing Time [CLOSED]

Characters: Oswald, Gwendolyn
Time period: Middle Ages
Location: Denadoro Mountains
Time of day: Mid Morning
Content: Oswald and Gwendolyn meet up in the mountains. Adventure and drama ensue.
Warnings: Violence, and romantic tension dialed up to 11.

At the foot of the mountains...Collapse )

[Narrative post/Finished]

Characters: Jupiter
Time Period: Middle Ages
Location: Outside the Magic Cave
Time of day: Night
Warnings: Um, none?

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Nerdstein [complete!]

Characters: Cyrus, Django, Jupiter
Time period: 1000 AD
Location: Millennium Fair
Time of day: Early evening
Content: An empty fair with a robot and a disembodied head. Insert slow music box music and you have any given horror movie ever.
Warnings: Paranoia! Surprisingly unrelated to most of that.

Bekkler has almost the same laugh as Kefka. Shame we don't have any FFVI peopleCollapse )
Characters: Prier
Time period: Middle Ages
Location: Under the Zenan bridge, oops
Time of day: Backdated to right after this post
Content: Prier arrives in the Middle Ages with a splash.

Under the bridge downtown...Collapse )



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